The 104.5 team headed out for one last Classroom of the Month delivery for the school year.

Miss McGougan's grade 3C class at Westmount School were the big winners to wrap up the year on the last day of school.

Miss McGougan is thrilled with the progress her class made this year and how enthusiastic they were each day they came to school.

The class was able to head out on field trips, and a highlight for the class was definitely getting back into hands-on learning and getting out of the classroom.

"We took them to the Telus Spark Centre on Friday and they loved the exhibits and then as well we did a building workshop with them there and they really enjoyed that."

With another year coming to an end Miss McGougan said she will absolutely miss the wonderful group of students she had the pleasure to be with this year.

"This group is really good, they are super excited and eager for anything. I kind of think that might be a byproduct of them missing out on some stuff from COVID the past couple of years just because we were limited."

With all that the students have gone through the past couple of years this year was special in the grade 3C class at Westmount School. Miss McGougan said she is ready to spend some time with her puppy and get ready to come back and do it all again. 

The Classroom of the Month was sponsored this year by Audra Reinhardt of CIR Realty and lunch was provided each month by the hard-working team at Boston Pizza. 

Keep an eye out for next year and the return of Classroom of the Month with 104.5 More Country.

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