Classroom of the Month is back this school year and the 104.5 More Country along with Sponsor Audra Reinhardt with CIR Reality and our lunch partner Boston Pizza are ready to start deliveries to classrooms across both GHSD and CTR schools. 

The first stop this year will be the 2C class taught by Mr. Baxter and Mrs. Koester at Westmount School. 

This is a new co-teaching partnership for both teachers this year Baxter explained, "Last year I taught grade one and I've had experience through junior high and high school.  I'm used to kind of picking up a new curriculum and Julia has taught grade two to six in the past but mainly grade four."

This year the students are the biggest highlight explained Koester, "We have a great group, they're friendly, they're funny, they're eager to learn and it's a joy to be around them all the students make the day."

Baxter who is also the associate principal at Westmount School said he did thoroughly enjoy teaching the older students in junior and senior high but getting back to the students in this grade two class has been a real privilege.

"Their outlook on life and academics is rather innocent, it's nice because you can build really strong relationships with them and you can really guide them. Whereas in high school or junior high it's a little bit set in how they see things and how they learn. So there's a lot of opportunity with the younger guys to really get in there and help them and really kind of set them on the right path as they continue through their educational journey."

Koester who has co-taught in the past is having a great year getting to teach this way again, "I think we've been really collaborative while we alternate days and it's been really quite seamless it's nice to collaborate and to work together.  We alternate days, so I'm working half time this year, I have a young family at home that I'm home with on the days I'm not at school." 

Getting the chance to be a part of both the administration and in the classroom Baxter explained has given him a unique view of the school this year and he is enjoying getting the chance to support both sides of the school.  

"I think it's nice to really stay in touch with the students that way it really gives me the opportunity to focus on my my teaching craft as well. I think there is a great opportunity for me to see students learning and their needs from that classroom setting and then be able to take that knowledge with me into the administrative role where I can support students."

The year is just getting started for the 2C class at Westmount School and they were pretty excited to kick it off with a pizza party!  

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