Corinne Koppel’s third grade class from Westmount School is March’s classroom of the month! 

Koppel said that she is very excited that they won because they have never won anything before, so they are super pumped. 

“They are a great group of kids, so there is nothing better to celebrate than them!”  

With school's continuing to return to normal since the pandemic, Koppel says that she is excited to have things come back that they haven't done for the last four years and have experiences with her students they may not have had in the past.

“They are doing swimming lessons which they haven't done before, we had our big drama production where they were involved in a big collaborative drama throughout the school. That was a lot of fun.” 

As for how Koppel feels about her students and their families, it's all love, “Not only are they a really high energy group of kids but they also have really nice families. So, they have a lot of support at home and that is wonderful to see, especially for little kids.” 

The 104.5 More Country team will be visiting them next week for St. Patrick's Day to deliver them their pizza party.  

Classroom of the Month is sponsored by Audra Reinhardt with CIR Realty with lunch provided by Boston Pizza in Strathmore.  Congratulations to Miss Koppel and her class for being March’s classroom of the month!   

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