Another week of good weather has meant farmers are making good progress with the harvest.

Alberta's latest crop report shows 65 percent of the crop in the bin.

Harvest of the spring cereals and pulses at or nearing completion in the South.

The central, north east, north west and peace regions are wrapping up the pulses, as they focus on the spring cereals.

Where the crop is ready the canola harvest is underway, but significant portions of the crop are still drying down in swaths.

Farmers in some areas are seeing better-than-expected yields and quality, with the majority of the crops grading #1.

At the time of the report 62 per cent of the hard red spring wheat is expected to grade 1 CW, while 54 per cent of the durum is expected to hit 1 CW.

The percentage of barley expected to be malt quality is reported as 29 per cent, a six per cent increase from the last estimate.

Canola should have about 85 per cent of the crop graded 1 CAN, a 12 per cent increase over the last quality estimate.

Oat quality dropped off by four percentage points, with 37 per cent of the crop expected to be graded 1 CW.

Dry pea quality shows 20 per cent of the crop is currently expected to grade 1 CAN.

Moisture conditions remain a concern with 33 percent of the province reporting soil moisture conditions as good to excellent.

Where farmers have caught up,  seeding of fall crops is underway as well as post-harvest weed control

More information on Alberta's Crop Report can be found here.