The Catholic Church in Strathmore is looking for people to be a part of Ash Wednesday which is to happen on Feb 14.

With the building of an enormous church in the middle of town, members of the church want to extend more invitations to the entire community to participate in these types of events. 

"In the full tradition of the thing, the local Catholic parish is going to throw a party. Father Cristino Bouvette going to give a talk that's accessible for people who aren't necessarily Catholic. He's an interesting guy, he was in charge of showing the Pope around when he visited Canada. It should be entertaining," said volunteer John Hilton-O'Brien. 

Hilton-O'Brien explained that the community has made traditional pinatas for the kids that will be at the event. 

"We'll have child care so parents can attend.  And, of course, we plan to eat way too many pancakes and sweets."

Anyone is welcome to join the party, Hilton-O'Brien said. 

"It is an event with the church, however, so people coming do need to be comfortable hearing religious things discussed and if that triggers somebody then this event is not for them but from a general interest standpoint it is going to be a lot of fun." 

The event is happening at Holy Cross Collegiate on Wednesday (Feb 14) starting with dinner at 6:30. 

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