Strathmore resident Lynn Fair has decided to celebrate the upcoming Queen's Platinum Jubilee with a unique and historical display 

Fair is a dedicated royal collector who in collaboration with The Vault Cultural Collective displays pieces from her private collection. She was ecstatic to connect both her roots in the town of Strathmore to the British monarchy,

“There is one special picture here which has Strathmore’s name on it, did you know that the Queen's Grandfather was the Earl of Strathmore in Scotland? It's got the thermometer on the side and it used to have a little calendar hanging on the bottom, but unfortunately, somebody in my family tore that off long before I came along.”

Fair's English roots have involved her with the royal family throughout her life. She describes a certain royal visit her mother attended when Strathmore was still in its infancy as a British settlement.

“My mother taught school here and in 1939 when Queen Elizabeth the first came through, they came through on their trip to Calgary, the train went through Strathmore and all the schoolchildren were taken down to see the King and Queen and wave at the station where the station garden is now.”

The collection at The Vault itself is dedicated to preserving royalty throughout the years with plates, teacups, lunchboxes, and photos.

Fair was all too happy to explain one of her favourite pieces and her connection to it. 

"One item here which is quite rare, Is the little lunch kit here with the Queen's picture on it, which is unique and I had that when I was in grade one.”

This collection is in celebration of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee which honours her 70 years of service to the people of the United Kingdom, the Realms, and the Commonwealth and will be on display at The Vault until November  

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