Paving in the downtown of Strathmore on Third Avenue is nearly complete. Town crews are hard at work, paving, milling and landscaping this week and heading into the weekend.  

“We are anticipating that we should be done by the end the week completely, meaning that the downtown Third Avenue landscaping will be complete, all the demolition will be finished, all the cement will be poured and things like manholes and fire hydrants will be properly placed and up to standard fitting code as per provincial and federal regulation,” said Ty Tomasta, communications ambassador for the Town of Strathmore.

 “We are doing milling, landscaping and we’re doing paving, which is also known as top lifting,” said Tomasta.  The construction is part of the town’s process for Third Avenue downtown revitalization and the Strathmore beautification program.

Third Avenue is a high priority for the town, explained Tomasta.

“Milling started on Tuesday. Today we have some landscaping going on, and then Friday we’re going to be having some top lifting and paving going on public property,” he said. “ Saturday it’s going to continue and then Sunday we are going to  be moving into the private parking lots that have contracted us with a little bit of line painting to go on as well,” he said. On Tuesday crews will work on some tree pruning as well.

Tomasta explained that there were some traffic restrictions put in place on the road during the earlier phases of construction and demolition on Third Avenue. Third Avenue will officially be open to the public during a ceremony on August 23.