It was smiles all around for Division 1 Finials of the Calgary Minor Softball Association Playoffs, but also a lot of hard work to get there. That’s because three teams from Strathmore’s Girls Thunder Fastpitch Softball came out on top of all of the Calgary area teams, and rural teams with gold medals!

The U12 Strathmore Sevcik final game was a 13-7 win for Strathmore over Fury at Vista Heights on July 25. The U14, Division 1, Strathmore Thunder Screpnek team final was a 10-9 win over West Hill at the Vista Heights diamond, and at the final in Calgary Minor High School U16/19 Div 1, and Strathmore Thunder U16 – 9 - SBR Reds U19 – 7.

This ends a great season for all the Thunder Fastpitch teams in multiple divisions including U10 players, and U16/19 players this week.

Kim Kubin explained, “The U12, U14, and U 16/19 all took gold in their league.” She noted that in the finals at Vista Heights diamonds the U 12 and U14 teams were playing on side-by-side diamonds in the finals.

The U12 Thunder Team

The U14 Thunder Team

“On Sunday they were actually on diamond 9 and diamond 10 at 9 a.m. in the morning, each of them playing their final game beside each other was awesome,” she said.

“Then last night U16's and 19s had their final game in Strathmore at the grounds and they won it.

“To get a gold medal, it’s teams from all over the Calgary region that we're playing against here, and rural areas so Okotoks and Airdrie's are in it and then all of Calgary. Is pretty significant. But to have three is huge.”

Keep your eyes open to support the U14 team as they play on August 14-15 in Medicine Hat.

Special recognition goes out to longtime coach and Program Director/Advisor of Strathmore Girls Thunder Fastpitch Softball, Lanky Johnson for his dedication to the sport of fastpitch softball in Strathmore.

Kubin says, “He works so much with these girls, so to have three teams in the Thunder League is incredible for him.” Johnson puts time in to organize the league, go out at pitch with players, and works with each team.