Inflation and rising costs have been impacting just about every facet of our lives, and it's no different for municipal governments like the Town of Strathmore which have been tasked with managing a budget while trying to keep taxes reasonable.

When setting the 2023 budget, the Town set a goal to keep the tax increase as minimal as possible while keeping current service levels the same, resulting in a 4.5% increase. Town of Strathmore's Manager of Legislative Services Johnathan Strathdee explained this meant some sacrifices had to be made.

"Council approved a wholistic budget that balanced economic factors while still maintaining the high service levels that the community expects. Ultimately, council decided to remove Strathmore Day from the budget, in their efforts to reduce the overall tax increase for 2023," he said.

While festivities have been cancelled, Strathdee added the Town will still recognize the day online, and that more details will be shared in the coming weeks.

Another factor for the cancellation of Strathmore Day festivities was the upcoming Lead by Example Powwow, which will be on March 18 and 19.

"Strathmore Day’s proximity to the Lead By Example Powwow was another consideration.  Planning two large community events back-to-back would have been challenging for Town staff and our partners." 

As for what the future holds, Strathdee said Strathmore Day celebrations could change from year-to-year. As for other events this year, days like Canada Day have also seen budget reductions, but the Town still plans on hosting a Canada Day event. 

"Celebrating the anniversary of Strathmore’s incorporation (Strathmore Day) honours past generations who have built our community. It’s also a way for us to celebrate what Strathmore is today and the things that make our town great."

Strathmore Day is on March 20 of every year, and it celebrates when the Hamlet of Strathmore in 1905 moved from its original location of Eagle Lake to where we currently live. The move attracted settlers very quickly, resulting in Strathmore becoming the Village of Strathmore on March 20, 1908.

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