The Town of Strathmore will be hosting a Strathmore Stampede booth for front-line workers and organizations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Town receives use of a VIP booth as part of its annual sponsorship of the Strathmore Stampede. To recognize the contributions to our community over the past year, it has been recommended that the space be dedicated to hosting front-line workers for 2021.

“I am 100 per cent in favour of this,” said Deputy Mayor Tari Cockx.

“The goal in this is to raise up and to shout out to everyone who is in the booth and who is not in the booth for their support of getting us through this enormous trial,” said Councillor Denise Peterson. She asked for the town to reach out to rodeo announcers to shout out those people in the booth each day.

The town has prepared a list of all of the front-line workers in town. It would b a randomized sampler for those who are chosen.

In the past, the sponsored booth was used to sponsor visitors and town partners, and other guests during the Strathmore Stampede. The booth will be used as a way to say thank you to front-line workers.