The town of Strathmore will be looking into the possibility of honouring the late Leroy Flamond. The idea was brought forward as an administrative inquiry at the last Strathmore town council meeting on Wednesday. Flamond was a former resident of Strathmore.

At the meeting, it was revealed that Flamond was Métis and moved at a young age to Calgary where he became a very successful young boxer. He worked as an inspector for the City of Calgary for 17 years, before moving to Strathmore and buying a motel.

The inquiry asked if it was possible to recognize Flamond with a feature story highlighting his achievements and the possibility of re-naming the road from the 4 way stop at Centre Street (in front of car wash) West through Lakeside Blvd to highway 817, after him.

Mayor Pat Fule explained that Flamond was a very important part of the community.

“Leroy lived in Strathmore for many years, was a successful business owner of three places along that stretch of road and was very supportive of many people in need.”

Fule also requested that administration review any pertinent policies regarding the naming of things such as this roads.

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