The Town of Strathmore has recently found a new way to connect students to summer jobs. Using the websites and, Strathmore is hoping to have students working in no time.

While using the internet for employment isn't a novel concept, Temployment and Hire a Student offer jobs specific to Strathmore. Geoff Person, Manager of Communications with the Town of Strathmore, says these websites are easy to use and a great resource.

"The Hire a Student site is easy to use for both students and employers, you can actually post a job in as little as five minutes," Person said.

Summer jobs are important for students. While earning some spending money is usually the main goal, Person added that it can help students grow as well.

"Summer jobs are a rite of passage for a lot of youths. The Town will be promoting both the HireaStudent and Temployment sites this summer. These are great resources to connect local youths with summer jobs."

"Summer jobs provide valuable experience for youths that will help them throughout their career."

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