The Town of Strathmore has reversed its decision to discontinue alley waste collection and move to curbside services.

The announcement of these changes was posted on the town's Facebook page on June 28. The post garnered 160 comments from residents voicing their concerns about the changes.

Jill Crossland, a Strathmore resident, spoke with StrathmoreNow about why she felt curbside collection wouldn't work on older neighborhoods.

"There are whole areas of town built in the 70s and 80s, and we all have garages in the backs of our homes, because it was a different lifestyle," said Crossland. "The alleyway was a part of that lifestyle, and just putting your garbage out there is very convenient."

Crossland mentioned how curbside collection would be difficult in these neighborhoods, especially considering heavy item garbage, and the lack of parking in front of some homes.

"If you go into the back alleyways, everyone has a different way of dealing with their garbage. Some let it just pile up, and I don't particularly want to see that in the front of homes."

Several days after the original Facebook post was made, the town provided an update, announcing that they will no longer be moving through with the plan to remove alley waste collection.

"Administration’s goal with these changes was to optimize operational efficiency and prevent the need for rebuilding our alleys, which are becoming difficult to maintain due to age and wear and tear," wrote the town on its Facebook page.

Despite the criticism, Crossland added that she doesn't have a problem with the current town council.

"I think they do listen, and I'm not a person who feels unheard, and I say good for them," said Crossland. "I'm a little perplexed how they quickly came to this decision. That's unusual for the town council, but the fact that they rescinded it, I'm very pleased." 

"I think overall there were a lot of logical reasons why this was a bad idea."

The Coffee with Council event, which would have explored these changes, will still be going on Thursday at 10 a.m. in the Strathmore Municipal Building.