On Tuesday November 22 and Thursday November 24, the Town of Strathmore will be hosting budget meetings with community members at 6:00 PM. These meetings are your chance to make yourself heard on how you believe the 2023 budget should look like.

With several economic challenges like inflation and supply shortages impacting prices, the Town said 2023's budget will be about trade-offs, and they need to know what community members prioritize before finalizing the budget.

"Strathmore Town Council wants to build a budget that meets our residents’ needs while balancing what’s possible given the current economic realities and pandemic recovery. Residents’ experiences living in the community matters! Each one of us brings unique insight in how Town services and programs make a difference in our lives," Scott Garnett with the Town of Strathmore said in a written response. 

The meetings will cover the capital and operating budget, which is the plan for how tax dollars and other funding will be invested into things like services, maintenance, recreation centres, town facilities, and more.

If you simply want to attend the meeting, all you have to do is show up at the Strathmore Municipal Building at 6:00 PM on Tuesday and Thursday. However, if you want to speak or ask questions, you need to complete this form and email it to LSAdmin@Strathmore.ca. The meeting will also be livestreamed on Youtube. There will also be a public comments portion, where residents are always permitted to speak.

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