On the road again with the team from 104.5 More Country to bring lunch to the hard-working crew at Triple G Farms, thanks to today's sponsor CIR Realty.

There really isn't a "quiet time" on this family farm that has been going for over 50 years along with seeding wheat, barley, yellow mustard, canola, oats, peas, and hay they have 200 head of cow calf pairs running in a mix of tame and native pasture. 

Brendan Christensen is happy with the start to this seeding season, "We've seen a couple of spot showers, and in this country any moisture like that we'll take it, especially with the cows we like seeing the green grass up and we're about half done."

Farming is not an easy life and definitely not for everyone, Brendan said this is the life he loves, and he wouldn't change a thing, "I have always loved doing it I honestly couldn't put the finger on one thing. I like the variation in all of it. I have always liked the challenge, you're always doing something different, and it gives me time with my family which I am very grateful for."

Lunch deliveries will continue for a few more days as the 104.5 crew heads out with pizzas from Mike's Bar & Grill, so far this year they have been to Standard, Rockyford, and around Strathmore and will be making their way to Hussar tomorrow!  

Nominate a farm at strathmorenow.com today for a chance to get lunch brought to the field! 

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