The United We Roll convoy was on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Tuesday, February 19.  

Gord Hutton who was recently laid off a few weeks ago due to the low level of activity in the area because of low oil prices decided to head to Ottawa with the convoy. 

"I wanted to make a difference, I look at my friends out there that are out of work and how they struggle and it is only beginning," said Hutton. 

Hutton knows it will take time and there is no quick fix but has hope that there will be improvements, "I look at my grandchildren and if we keep going the way we are as a country we will not have anything to offer that generation.  I cry when I think that that may happen. Sounds sappy but it's true," Hutton said. 

Hutton was unsure what the rest of Canada thought of Albertans and what the province is dealing with during this time, Hutton says this is the most amazing thing he has ever done. 

Leaving Red Deer most people in the convoy were strangers after this trip Hutton says he now has extended family who have laughed together and cried together and supported each other on this journey. 

Traveling across the country Hutton and other convoy drivers were uncertain how the rest of Canada would respond to what they were doing, he found the support grew as they headed East seeing people out in -35 weather at 9 o'clock at night to catch a glimpse and offer support. 

Hutton feels even with the uncertainty in the industry right now there was nothing but support from everyone he met on the way to Ottawa Hutton Said, " It has been amazing to be here. Lots of these people have spent every dime they have to come on this trip in hope's that we can make a difference. Our future after this week hopefully will look brighter. We absolutely love the support we have gained."

Andy McCormack owner of Tankers Transfer Services had a driver ask if he could take a truck and be a part of the convoy, McCormack said, " We are directly invested in the oil industry, we haul crude oil for local companies which has been slowing down."  

McCormack is overwhelmed with all of the support from Canadians after 12 years in the industry he is hoping that the government sees that things need to change and he and other businesses will see many more years in business.