It looks like Mother Nature is looking to kick 2023 off on a high note, as we could be getting surprisingly nice weather this weekend.

On Saturday we could be breaking even with a forecasted sunny day at 0°C, followed by 5°C on Sunday and Monday. Meteorologist with Environment Canada Terri Lang explained this is because of Chinook winds, which can happen at any point during winter. On top of that, a high-pressure system is keeping our weather stable.

"Not much happening with respect to clouds or precipitation or anything like that. The winds in the upper atmosphere need to be just right to set up for a Chinook, so that's what will happen towards the end of the week."

Before we get to the warm weather we'll be sitting anywhere between -3°C to -8°C, which Lang explained is expected.

"Temperatures are running seasonal for this time of year. The thirty-year average high for this time of year is -5°C, and overnight goes around -17°C."

Last year's January 3 was particularly cold at -21°C, so a return to average or better temperatures is sure to have more people outside to kick off the new year. 

Looking ahead in the forecast there is a good chance we could see seasonal or warmer temperatures sticking around until the middle of the month. 

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