Strathmore Value Drug Mart (SVDM) has been a significant presence in the community, with recent contributions including the Bike Safety Contest. Yesterday, their efforts were recognized by Pharmacy Brands Canada, who came to town to present owners Gord and Stacie Morck with the Community Connection Award! 

Pharmacy Brands Canada Senior Manager Ted Matsikas explained that the Community Connection Award is awarded to the pharmacy that contributes in a significant way to its local community.

"The team at Strathmore Value Drug Mart is a staple in their community. From sponsoring their local hockey team to offering in-store draws and fundraisers – including running the Tools 4 Schools program to support their local educators. As well as sponsoring the local Grain Rush event recently. It is always great to see our members involved in their communities, and Strathmore certainly shines when it comes to community involvement. Once again, a big congratulations to Gord, Stacie, and the rest of the team at Strathmore Value Drug Mart!" Matsikas said.

Both Gord and Stacie were excited to receive the award, and are looking forward to continuing to stay involved in the community.

"We're really thrilled to receive this award. The credit really goes to Stacie, she's really done all the work to reach out to the community and determine what was needed and then make sure that we're there to help," Gord said.

"For Christmas this year we want to make sure that Stuff-a-Bus is very successful, so we've got some things going on for that, but to start things off, on October 1, we're going to have a barbecue here, it's actually a smoker, right up front here for you to buy raffle tickets, and all the proceeds are going to go right to the foodbank here in town," Stacie added.

The smoker you can win is a Kamado Joe Egg Smoker, worth more than $1000.  Be sure to enter the raffle if you want to win a great smoker while also supporting our food bank.

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Gord and StacieCongratulations again to Stacie and Gord for a much deserved award!