The Metro Vancouver Transit Police are honoring Calgary Police Officer Sgt. Andrew Harnett who resided in Strathmore by naming one of their dogs Harnett.

Sgt. Harnett was killed on duty on New Year's Eve 2020 in Calgary. After stopping an SUV, the driver took off with Harnett hanging onto the driver's side of the car.

"We wish to thank the Metro Vancouver Transit Police for honoring Sgt. Andrew Harnett in the naming of a Police Service Dog in his memory," Calgary Police Service and Sgt. Harnett's family said in a statement.

"We will never forget the ultimate sacrifice Andrew made and it brings us comfort knowing he will be remembered in Vancouver as well."

Andrew's brother Jason Harnett said in a tweet that it's an honor for Andrew to be recognized this way, and "another real digger named Harnett is back on the watch."

Another dog is also being honored. Cst. Ryan "Chopper" Masales of the Abbotsford Police Department died from cancer two years ago, so the Vancouver transit police is naming this second dog Chopper.