Last Friday saw the first outing for the annual Strathmore Farmers Market. 

Vendors were ecstatic to be able to bring one-of-a-kind goods from local farms, artisans and businesses to locals in the Wheatland Country area again. 

Market Manager Tracy Yochim said the first market day exceeded her expectations. 

“It's a new season, so we are all trying to find our places and get everybody organized. Sometimes we don't have as many customers coming out, but we had a nice turnout. There were quite a few more people than I actually expected.”

Yochim is also excited about what this summer will look like for the Strathmore Farmers Market.

“I'm looking forward to getting into July, just because that means we'll have all of our vendors attending every week and they'll have veggies and fruits and all that great produce that everyone looks for. Oddly enough, July 1st lands on our market day this year. So the town has been generous enough to let us stay in our location for Canada Day!”

There are a total of 25 new vendors that stopped by this last Friday. Yochim stated that in addition to the newcomers, more vendors will be coming throughout the year.

“We had a new jam person, we had a couple of people that are doing plant starters so tomatoes, herbs, all sorts of things like that. Another lady is doing potted plants for your home. We also had a lady here that's doing bath bombs and we have a meadery coming this summer as well.”

Yochim also wanted to address the locals that came out and supported their first market day.

“I'm hoping that a lot of people will consider shopping local and supporting all these great local people who work very hard to produce all the great items that they sell. It's nice to have local support for these vendors because, for a lot of them, this is how they make income for the year. So it's nice to see people come and support them.”

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