This weeks Strathmore Motor Products King of the Week is veteran goalie Landen Brassard. 

Brassard, who was born and raised in Strathmore, is in his fourth and final year with the Wheatland Kings. Heading into his final season Brassard is looking to have fun and enjoy the time he has left with the team, while also passing along what he has learned to rookie goaltender Rhett Harten, 

"He's pretty much already got it all down, but more or less practice, he's got everything pretty focused up now though, so long as he's focused and practiced he has got it handled."

As for highlights, Brassard has a couple that he will take with him, "Beating Okotoks last year in playoffs was a pretty big one, and doing things for the community and getting out and helping people, that's been pretty great as well."

As for the team, they had a good November but have slipped a little heading into the end of 2022. Brassard feels their upcoming break where they can reset and focus to get back in the win column came at a great time.

"We just got a bear down, focus up a little bit, we were getting off our disciplines a bit, taking penalties and running our mouths when we shouldn't be, but we can get back and be disciplined again."

Being from Strathmore, Brassard has the chance to play in front of a hometown crowd, but it doesn't stop at Strathmore for some of the dedicated Kings fans which Brassard and the whole team appreciate. 

"I've had games where they've (fans) driven out to the away games an hour and a half before just to come to watch halfway through the game because they heard it was good." 

Brassard said that it also makes a huge difference for them with the support they get at home too," They pack the stands most of the nights they're really loud. (As a goalie) It helps the mental state and it makes everything a lot easier to get in the zone." 

With his grandfather and his dad both being goalies Brassard said it felt natural for him to follow in their footsteps, saying that he did experiment as a player and a goalie but ultimately decided goalie was probably a better option.

For those wanting to take on the task of goalie Brassard offered this advice, "You're on your own little island, but being a goalie is a lot more of a mental game and there's a lot more pressure put on you, you're the last line of defense, right."

Being a goal can feel like you are alone but Brassard said no matter which way the game is going the support of his teammates on the ice never wavers. Being a goalie for some people can be difficult if they can't get past that feeling of being alone but Brassard said he kind of likes it that way.

With a couple of weeks over the holiday break Brassard, who runs heavy equipment, said he and his girlfriend will be heading to B.C. to visit family, do some snowboarding and of course, put on a pair of skates a few times.

The Wheatland Kings are off until January 6 when they will head to High River before going to Medicine Hat on January 8. The team's next home game will be January 10 when the Mountainview Colts come to town.

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