If you think your commute was bad wait until you see what these fish have to go through!  

On the west side of Kinsmen Lake, kids and adults alike were watching with excitement as 1000 new residents were sliding down a tube and into the lake for the annual spring fish re-stocking.  

The Alberta Provincial Stocking program supplies over 240 lakes with approximately 2.1 million hatchery-reared trout to provide recreational opportunities and reduce angling pressure on natural fish populations. 

Stocking is one management tool that can provide additional angling and harvest opportunities for anglers and can maintain or enhance fish populations.

Parks Supervisor Deana Connington explained what the benefits of stocking Kinsmen with Rainbow and Tiger trout are, “It will help increase recreational activities at the lake, help to keep the bodies of water environmentally balanced and will help reduce insect larvae.”  

Fishing at Kinsmen Lake is open throughout the year for children under 16 and seniors over 65 without a fishing license for fishing with a rod and reel, all others require an Alberta Sportfishing License. 

All anglers must have an Active Wildlife Identification Number. The 10-digit number confirms eligibility for a license within seconds. The same WiN is used to purchase both hunting and fishing licenses. According to the town, anglers can choose if they would like to keep or release the fish they catch.

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