On Aug.12 at around 4 p.m., Vulcan RCMP responded to a complaint of a female trespassing on private property just south of Champion, Alta.

Upon arrival, officers recognized a vehicle which had been involved in two separate incidents, one in Claresholm and one in Vulcan, the previous day. Upon noticing that officers were present, the suspect put her vehicle in reverse and struck a police vehicle. She then put her vehicle in drive and struck a second police vehicle in an attempt to escape. One officer was injured, but had his injuries treated at a hospital and was later released.  

Shortly after, the female suspect was taken into police custody.

“Thanks to the quick acting public who called right away, police we were able to locate and apprehend the female, which put an end to her two day crime spree," said Vulcan Detachment Commander, Sgt Troy Dobson.

The investigation continues and charges are pending.