The weather this week has been cold and rainy but as we look ahead to the Thanksgiving long weekend we are in for some sunshine and nicer weather. 

Despite the cooler temperature Strathmore is in for a nice weekend according to Meteorologist for Environment and Climate Change Canada, Terri Lang. 

"We are seeing some good recovery towards the long weekend, it's looking quite warm, dry and sunny. so high temperatures getting into the mid 20s over the long weekend, so can't ask for much more on a holiday long weekend in October." 

Since it being a long weekend and being the last possible chance to get out into the mountains or camp before the snow fly's Lang says it will always be cooler, but they are not expecting much in terms of precipitation.

"Out in the mountains will be nice, if people want to head out that way, of course it is going to be colder, it always is in a higher altitude." 

This warm weather isn't expected to last though as we are soon going to be in the mix of cold, snowy weather coon enough. 

"Once this big upper ridge kind of collapses, we'll get into some cooler temperatures, but it's not looking overly bad. It could be so much colder at this time of year and with snow flying and that type of thing, so enjoy it while it lasts." 

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