The third Thursday of October is Purple Thursday across Canada, which is a day to raise awareness about the intersection between brain injury and interpersonal violence.

To support women who may be fleeing from a case of domestic abuse, the Canadian Royal Purple Society in Bassano donated 40 handbags full of personal items to The Wheatland Crisis Society and Brooks Shelter!

Past President of the Bassano Royal Purple Society Lyne Sage explained women fleeing a dangerous situation may not have brought anything with them, so these handbags are meant to provide necessary goods to support them.

"When women go there (shelters) they sometimes go with nothing. Most of the time they are fleeing, so when they get there, they have nothing. The bags have toothpaste, a toothbrush, that sort of thing," she said.

Sage explained throughout the year, the Bassano based society supports the community in many different ways, and Purple Thursday is just one of many causes they help.

"We donate to all sorts of things, we donate to the Health Centre in Bassano, the library, we've donated to a volleyball tournament, we donate to the Elks to help them keep their hall open. In Bassano, they know we do this, so they come to us if they need help with something. In general, we're a community support group that donates to all sorts of things."

Sage said Royal Purple used to be in Strathmore as well but is no longer around. However, she hopes to bring it back to our community.

"There's been a little bit of talk about maybe trying to get Royal Purple going again in Strathmore. It hasn't done anything yet, but making the community aware of what we're doing is good."

If you're interested in the Canadian Royal Purple Society and want to learn more, or are interested in starting this up in Strathmore, contact Sage at

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