A recent spike in crime has some people worried, but Strathmore mayor Pat Fule still believes that Strathmore is safe.

"As far as the town goes, we are safe," Fule says.

If you're worried about the recent crime, Fule says you can contact the RCMP if you notice something that seems out of place or dangerous.

"I think if people are worried, just remember that you can reach out to the RCMP at any time. In real-time you can report things that are concerning to you and they'll definitely look into it."

If you're interested in a more direct approach, you could even volunteer for a citizens patrol group.

"We do have citizens in a patrol group, but they always need new members. So that's really community-driven, if people want to get organized they can get organized and speak with our staff sergeant or the detachment here in town. Strathmore is really good at watching out for each other so I think we'll be good that way. If people want to volunteer we would encourage them if they're interested. I think that would be the best way to go."

While the amount of crime can be concerning in the moment, Fule said it's important to look at the big picture

"Sometimes you can get caught up in looking at things that happen just one time."

"This is just a thing we're going through right now. In general, Strathmore is a very safe town."

Courtesy Strathmore RCMP statisticsCourtesy Strathmore RCMP statistics

The most recent statistics provided by the Strathmore RCMP show that most crime has gone down over the last year. When comparing Jan-March 2021 to Jan-March 2022, breaking and entering has gone down 76%, while possession of stolen goods has gone down 42%. The theft of motor vehicles saw a 12% decline as well, although theft over and under $5000 did see a 26% increase.

As far as what's causing this recent crime spree, Fule believes Covid and rising prices are playing a role.

"We're coming off a Covid situation where people were home more and not doing as much. Now the economy is suffering, there's great inflation and people are struggling and that sometimes causes an uptick in activity.

Ultimately, Fule still believes Strathmore is safe, and the RCMP is doing a great job in handling crime.

"We're really happy with our RCMP here in town. They are mobilized, out in full force, they're investigating the various incidents that have happened."

 "Our detachment is visible, they're patrolling a great deal. They're going out into the county and rural areas and villages, so I have full confidence in the RCMP."

Part of the RCMP's efforts to decrease crime has been more visibility, and Fule says being active and noticeable plays a big role.

"They (the RCMP) are doing more bar walks where they pop into bars and look around. They're doing more patrolling around town, they're visible in the Kinsmen Park area. They really are doing a great job as far as being noticeable in our town and interacting with our public."

"Strathmore is still a really safe community to live in"

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