Every year Westmount School runs a hockey program for their grade 5 and 6 students, which offers students the chance to learn about leadership skills and collaborate with each other on and off the ice. The program ends with the annual Husky Cup where the players can show off their skills to friends and families.  

Associate Principal of Westmount School Adam Baxter explains that two squads from the program compete in a high-energy, friendly match, and the entire school headed down to the arena to cheer on their favorite team.  

“It's an event that showcases the school's spirit, our connection to the community, and the programs that are within the school. The Husky Cup just brings it all together.”  

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, last year was the first year that the school was actually able to do this again and be on the ice together. 

“Last year was really exciting for everyone, to be able to get out there and be a part of it and this year has even gone better than expected. All the teachers enjoy being there and it is an exciting time for everyone.”  

Baxter says the kids were really excited to get back on the ice and really excited to showcase what they have learned from instructor Kyle Tucker. They put a lot of work into this program. 

“Kyle Tucker has done a really great job at teaching the game and teaching the skills, so they have a lot of confidence in what they have learned. It is that confidence and excitement that got them on that ice and revved them up for this game.”  

The Husky cup is about more than just the students on the ice, as it's also an exciting time for all the students cheering on their classmates and friends as well.

Kids Cheering

“Things like this build pride in our students. They will take pride with seeing their classmates out, they will take pride with what we do here at Westmount School and the fact that this is something that they are a part of and something that they can take pride in.” 

With this year's Husky Cup being another enormous success, Baxter is already looking forward to next year and the hype that surrounds the game.

“It's the getting up to this point, you could feel the excitement in the school and in the students. It's not just the players but throughout the whole school, everyone is talking about the Husky Cup.”

The match concluded in an 8-5 victory for the black Huskies. 

Kids hugging

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