Having lived in Calgary for the majority of my life, there was plenty of amenities I just took for granted. Since moving to Strathmore less than two weeks ago I've absolutely loved it here, but one thing I do miss is bowling! I was surprised to learn that there wasn't a bowling place here, which got me thinking: What would the community want to see if they got to choose something to bring?

After asking on our Facebook Page, I realized that absence does indeed make the heart grow fonder, as it looked like I was not alone in wanting a bowling lane. Having had one before must have played a big role, as 12/27 comments mentioned one! Also right up there was an outdoor pool (8/27), which we also had before.

Some new additions that were surprisingly popular was an arcade (8/27) and/or indoor playground (5/27), with the idea being that it's important to have entertainment in the winter, so an indoor playground would be suitable all year round!

Some ideas were definitely more ambitious than others, with some commenters asking for an amusement park. I certainly wouldn't be opposed to some rollercoasters nearby. Perhaps we need a new neighborhood development plan? "Rollercoaster-wood"? I'm open to all suggestions.

Rounding out the list, we had some that combined many ideas, like a sports bar that would have billiards, mini golf, virtual golf and arcade games, while others had simpler requests in mind with things like an escape room. No matter what you asked for, I'm sure any one of these additions would brighten up our community! 

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