Since 1981 the Terry Fox Run has been a staple across Canada to raise funds for the Terry Fox Foundation in support of cancer research. The community events are usually held on the second Sunday of September with many schools taking part in their own runs the following week. 

Runn organizer Diana Baird from the Strathmore Run Club is excited to bring the run back to Kinsmen Park this year.

"We are starting our registration at 12:30. That's for people who have not registered online, so it's an in-person registration. They also can donate at that time and they can also purchase some shirts that we have there if they want."

The opening ceremonies and the run itself are set to begin at 1 with an option to do the 1 KM run/walk around Kinsmen Park or take the 3.5 KM longer loop that will go from Kinsmen Park and go around Gray's Park ending back at Kinsmen.  Baird stressed that this event is open to everyone of any ability as this will all be paved to ensure accessibility.

Baird noted that opening ceremonies will have some special guests.

"One of our run club members is a cancer survivor, so he will be giving the opening remarks. I have an air horn so this will be our starting pistol, and it will also be done by a run club member's grandson who is also a cancer survivor."

Baird said the event is geared to be noncompetitive and family-friendly. This is what Terry Fox's wishes were and they just want to promote awareness about what Terry's dream was, what he wanted to do, and of course, the ultimate goal of finding a cure for cancer.

The run is the main event, but there's still more to do after the run!

"We will have a free BBQ afterward and we're also going to have what I call a selfie station. One of our run club members is creating a selfie frame so people can go up onto the Amphitheatre and take photo shots of themselves with either just them or even with a Terry Fox poster in the background so you can include Terry Fox in your photo."

In order to pull everything together, Baird says the team is very grateful for the support of local businesses, Edgefield Co-op is providing the hot dogs and buns and Tina's No Frills is providing bottled water, "We have been very blessed that our community is all coming together to help us put on a great event." 

The goal of $5000 was set and it has been surpassed and growing as they head into the weekend, Baird did say that although it is great to see so many donations coming in, the run on Sunday is open to all even if you were unable to get donations this year, as the run ultimately is about coming together and showing the support for the cause as a community. 

For Baird she is thankful to see so much community support,

"My biggest fear would be that because of COVID in the last couple of years that people just aren't able to give the way that they have been able to do prior to the pandemic years. It's great to see that we're still getting the outpouring of support from people, even though they may have had their own troubled years." 

Baird explained that if you see people who are wearing red shirts instead of white shirts, the reason is that the red shirt wearers are cancer survivors and they wanted to have a way to recognize those participants

The weather looks like it should be on their side on Sunday with sunshine and a high of 22 degrees being forecasted heading into the weekend, but Baird said they will run no matter what, rain or shine.

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