Halloween is right around the corner, and apart from the usual thoughts of what the best costumes will be or what house will give away the best candy, the other prominent thought of weather is usually at the top of our minds as we prepare for another year of trick or treating.

While the weekend weather is looking really nice with Saturday and Sunday sitting at highs of 14 °C and 15 °C respectively, but meteorologist with Environment Canada Terri Lang explained that might not hold until Halloween.

"It looks like it's going to be an unsettled type of day, a bit on the cool side because the Chinook winds will be easing a little bit and it does look like there's a weather system moving across the southern part of the province that afternoon and evening," she said.

She's referring to a low pressure system, which often brings colder weather and clouds. If those clouds will turn into anything is unknown, but Lang says we should prepare for rain or snow.

"What's going to be falling is the question, is it going to be rain? Is it going to be snow? Or is it going to be rain changing to snow? It looks like that's probably the the best outcome right now so keep an eye on it, but it does look like a bit of a wet Halloween, so you might have to plan your Halloween costumes accordingly."

There's still hope the weather could be nice though, as Lang added Alberta weather at this time of year is famously unpredictable with Chinook winds and constantly moving pressure systems. If we're lucky, maybe Sunday's nice weather could carry over into Halloween Monday, but Lang said it always best to be prepared for whatever Mother Nature has in mind. 


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