If you plan on going to this year's Strathmore Stampede, make sure you know what you're allowed to bring on the grounds.

General Manager of the Ag Society Ryan Schmidt said all weapons will be prohibited to make sure everyone is safe.

"We're encouraging people to leave all weapons at home of course, and that includes things like mace, pocket knives, anything else that you know is a weapon, we don't want to have those on the grounds, we're taking steps to ensure people's safety and we will be doing bag checks at the entrance," he said.

While it seems obvious that weapons would be banned, something like a pocket knife may be a common item that a farmer would carry in his pocket at all times. There may even be an occasion where a farmer brings a knife on the grounds without realizing he's carrying it. In a situation like this, Schmidt says the Ag Society understands that this may just be a lifelong habit without any malicious intent.

"We recognize that that's a longstanding tool that farmers and ranchers use and we're certainly not going to be patting down farmers or anything like that. But we do encourage everyone to leave those at home, and security will be on the lookout for those items."

Regarding bags, you can still bring one of the grounds, but Schmidt asks that you double check the contents before going by security.

"You can bring a bag, just be cautious, make sure you know what the contents of your bag is before you bring it in, because that is where we're really going to be checking for those items. And any other illegal items of course, we don't want any illegal drugs or anything like that brought onto our grounds, this is a family atmosphere."

As for what is allowed, Schmidt said smoking and vapes are permitted in designated smoking areas on the grounds. However, you can't bring your own alcohol due to the Stampede's AGLC license, and cannabis is a strict no go according to the Strathmore and District Agricultural District Policy.

Schmidt added that you can bring your own non-alcoholic drinks, and if you wanted to pack a meal for the family that is completely fine. Any other items you can think of to help in the outdoors is allowed and encouraged.

"We encourage people to bring sun screen, water, umbrellas, wear a hat, and most of all just bring a smile because we're going to have a great time."

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