Starting on May 14, 2019, Wheatland County will be flushing the fire hydrants and system in communities and hamlets in Wheatland county starting in Speargrass area. 

This is an annual test that ensures the hardware is working among other factors such as flow testing and preventative measures.  Regular testing is useful to mitigate water quality related problems by removing accumulated iron and manganese mineral deposits from the water line.

The testing can be inconvenient for residents because it can discolor the water and cause a reduction in water pressure.  The discolored water poses no health risk but can have an unpleasant taste but the water can stain clothing when using it to do laundry. 

Residents are advised to run their taps for a period to clear the discolored water and to avoid the flushing site if possible.  Although inconvenient this process is necessary to maintain a good water supply for use of the fire department and in our homes.