Wheatland County has moved forward with a plan to replace roughly 1,800 rural address signs, and notify local ratepayers.

The deteriorated signs were the topic of council discussion in September 2019. The signs are mostly south and west facing and are approximately nine years old.

Mike Ziehr, general manager of transportation and agriculture for Wheatland County explained to the council that the signs have been ordered and delivered.

The county staff will install the signs over a period of three to four months beginning this spring and Wheatland County will be posting updates about the process on their website, social media accounts and in newspaper advertisements.

Staff will be installing the signs at a rate of about 25 to 30 signs per day. The cost to purchase the 1,800 signs is $35,910.

The replacement of the signs will ensure that in an emergency situation, first responders are able to correctly identify rural addresses.

According to the county, as the signs are located within the road right of way, access agreements will not be needed.