The students at Wheatland Elementary have taken it upon themselves to help those less fortunate. 

Starting today (Oct. 30) and going to Nov. 3, students are asked to bring on different items for the Christmas Hamper Society. 

Here's what kids are asked to bring in: 

  • Oct. 30 - pasta and sauce
  • Oct. 31 - breakfast and lunch items
  • Nov. 1 - hygiene products
  • Nov. 2 - new toys
  • Nov. 3 - soup

The soup donated on Nov. 3 will be going towards the Soup 4 Soldiers initiative at the Strathmore Legion. 

Wheatland Elementary Grade 5 teacher, Devon Kirby, says the school is working towards a goal.

"If we reach our goal and surpass 2499 items then Associate Principal, Emily Garrioch will be duct taped to the wall in our gymnasium, and then if we get 2500 or more items our Principal, Amy Van Vliet will get duct taped." 

A similar type of food drive has happened before at Wheatland Elementary but hasn't been done in a few years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Kirby added she is new to Wheatland Elementary School but in her past experience of doing food drives for other schools, the response from the students has been outstanding.

"They love to help other people and already the buzz around the school is that they are very excited. My Grade 5 students went around and did presentations to all the other classes to tell them about this and get them amped up for the food drive."

A poster tracking progress we be at the front of the school. 

"So, everyone in the school can see where we are at and how far we need to go before one of the principals gets ducked taped to the wall."

Each day, the grade fives will be going from class to class and collecting items from the classrooms. 

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