Hockey is back! This month every hockey fan was watching the Stanley Cup finals. While that was happening, local hockey players were sharpening their skills at the rink, on the way to get their skills back up to snuff for the upcoming Heritage Junior Hockey League season.

Your Strathmore Wheatland Kings will be playing this season if things continue to reopen following the province’s plan.

The Strathmore Wheatland Kings are hosting their hockey camp at the Strathmore Family Centre in August.

Lee Smith General Manager of The Strathmore Wheatland Kings says, “As for the buzz of the excitement of it, we're really excited to get going!”

“As you know, last year we played six games and that was it. We had a pretty good club, so we were in good shape. We've got quite a few members coming back this year, so we're pretty excited about what's happening.”

They won’t know what the team looks like until the camp is over and they’ve got an idea of who’s on the team, and if they’ll need billet families in the community, or not.

“It's an open camp,” said Smith. “Right now if anyone is interested, they can call me directly.” His contact information can be found on the team’s Twitter page.

It costs $125 a player to try out in the three-day camp.

The general manager says, “Right now we've got a few of the veterans and few potential players they're coming out Thursday nights just for a skate, just to kind of get our feet under us again as the season will start September 10th this year, so it's going to be right out, right away.”

The best thing to do if you are interested in becoming one of The Strathmore Wheatland Kings is to contact Smith. “We'll get them registered up and have an idea of where we're at players-wise, and we'll go from there.”

Keep up to date with your Strathmore Wheatland Kings this summer on their Twitter page at @SMWheatlandKings.