The Wheatland Kings wrapped up their preseason, and will be starting their regular season on September 16 against the Rocky Rams! They start their season on the road and their home opener will be on September 18 against the Cochrane Generals at 4:30.

General Manager of the Wheatland Kings Lee Smith was happy with what he saw in the preseason, and is expecting big things from this young group.

"I think it went very well, I think the guys were clicking on all cylinders, we're down to what our roster is going to be. Everything looked really good, we were 1-2 during that time, but both the games that we lost were really close, one goal game and two goal game. So there's a lot of potential and I think we're going to do very well this year."

While 1-2 may not sound too great, the Kings' played twice against the Medicine Hat Cubs, who were one of the top teams in the league last year. They beat them once on Saturday before losing 3-1 on Sunday. Smith said seeing the team match up against a top team like that was great.

"Both games we played really well. They had one of their top lineups together on Sunday and on Saturday and we competed. We were right with them the whole game, both games."

The team has 12 talented rookies, and as the season goes on Smith expects this young team to jell together and be towards the top of the league. A big reason for that is the depth of the roster.

"We've got four solid lines and a good defensive group. All seven are quite good and all interchangeable on the defense and on the forwards. Right now we've 4 solid lines and even the guys that we have in the stands are quality players."

The Kings have two road games to start the season off before facing the Cochrane Generals at home on Sunday. While starting on the road may seem daunting, Smith thinks it's a great opportunity for the team.

"I think it's going to be good for the club. It'll be a good chance for the guys to bond on the bus and I think that it'll it'll be good to be on the road to start with. And then we will face Cochrane on Sunday and that'll be, that'll be our biggest test. After we've been on the road for a little bit, guys will jell and hopefully everything will come together." 

Smith is excited to see how the season goes, and the locker room is ready to prove they've got what it takes to be one of the best in the league.

"The guys are excited, everybody is ready to go." 

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