The Town of Strathmore will begin its second major snow removal of the season in addition to removing snow from priority routes on Wednesday, March 15. When can you expect the plows to hit your street?

Per the Town's road report status page, the schedule is as follows:

March 15

  • Briarwood Road 
  • Brentwood Dr W 
  • Brentwood Dr E
  • Maple Tree Way
  • Maplewood Dr
  • Wildrose Dr
  • Wildrose Cr
  • Parklane Dr
  • Edgefield Gt
  • Edgefield St
  • Archie Klaiber Tr

March 16

  • Strathford Blvd
  • Strathford Cres 
  • Strathaven Dr
  • Cambridge Glen Dr
  • Green Meadows Dr 
  • Centre St
  • Lakewood Cir 
  • Hillview Gt 
  • Hillview Dr
  • Hillview Rd 
  • Hillcrest Blvd 

March 17

  • Westmount Dr 
  • Westchester Rd
  • Lakeside Blvd 
  • Sections of 2nd St 
  • Sections of 4th Ave 
  • Sections of 2nd Ave

The website notes this schedule is subject to change, and asks everyone to watch for the "no parking" signs posted around the streets so that snow removal can operate as planned.

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