With all the construction going on, you've probably noticed that construction zones are 24/7. Even if crews aren't on the grounds, why are slower speeds enforced all the time? Would it be possible to implement construction zone times, similar to school zones or playground zones?

Acting Chief of Staff for the Minister of Transportation Hadyn Place explained in a written response that construction zones are 24/7 due to other safety concerns. Even when crews aren't present, there's other things to consider.

"Construction zones contain unique considerations compared to school zone or playground zones. Construction zones are in place around the clock because even if workers are not present, there may be safety issues around the work site such as uneven pavement, open excavation, changes in traffic patterns, curing concrete, loose materials, etc., which may pose a safety hazard to motorists," he said.

Even though speed limit changes will be enforced all the time, Place said you will only be fined double if workers are present.

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