Strathmore's gas prices have consistently been higher than nearby communities.

As of Thursday afternoon (Sept. 29), Strathmore (156.9 cents per litre) is 13 cents higher than some stations in Calgary and Chestermere (143.9 cents per litre).

Gas Buddy's head of petroleum analysis Patrick De Haan says this could be because we're a smaller town with less options.

"It certainly could be because of less aggressive competitors and maybe the de facto way of doing business is that other areas like Calgary, bigger cities, may be more competitive. [In] Strathmore there could be a lack of competition if stations all know that nobody lowers prices. They may not want to be the first ones lowering the price," he said.

De Haan added that unfortunately, there isn't too much to do about the situation, but a possible course of action is to vote with your wallets and go to cheaper gas stations in surrounding areas.

"If stations aren't selling gasoline or as much gasoline, they're likely to be driven to compete for more to win that business back. So that's why it's really important that motorists find the lower stations, patronize the cheaper stations because that will put pressure on higher priced gas bars to lower their prices."

Right now, Albertans are paying an average of 152.6 at the pump, the second lowest price in the country behind Ontario (149.0). 

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