Last weekend you may have noticed a heavier-than-usual police presence in town, which included a police helicopter. What was the reason behind this?

Strathmore RCMP Detachment Commander Staff Sergeant Mark Wielgosz explained this was part of their habitual offender management program.

"We were working with Calgary police and tracking an area habitual offender that came into our area. So, it's a matter of our normal operations when we're following someone around, and as it turned out, the vehicle did enter our area and into town here, but eventually made its way back to the city, so that would have been the cause of the HAWCS helicopter around town and a heavier police presence," he said.

Wielgosz believes this offender was taken into custody by Calgary Police on Wednesday. As for why they were being monitored, they had several property crime charges. 

"We had an individual that entered our area that was known to us between the Strathmore RCMP and Calgary Police Service. There was a number of already outstanding charges that we were looking to apprehend the person on. They were being monitored through Calgary into our area back to Calgary."

Since the status of the charge is unknown to Wielgosz, at this time there will not be a comment on the identity of the person taken into custody.


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