Throughout the area, there have been above-average temperatures with minimal days below zero.

Environment Canada Meteorologist Sarah Hoffman explained we most likely will not see drastic changes to the weather in the month of December. 

"In general, for December, we're looking at a near-normal temperature signal and then near normal precipitation signal as well, so pretty typical conditions for this time of year for December."

Hoffman goes on to explain that looking back between 1981-2010, the normal for the area was daytime high around -1 and low in the evenings of -12 to -15 degrees, she also notes that December historically is one of the driest times of the year with as little as 10mm of precipitation for the whole month.

"I could say there's a good chance of a brown Christmas just given what we're seeing for the next little while here. It could be that any snow that falls will melt quickly, or they're just won't be too much of it." 

With this type of weather, the snow can fall and begin to melt rather quickly, and as most Albertans know, it can become very icy very quickly as temperatures do cool down.

Hoffman notes that with the weather above seasonal at this time of year, people can become complacent as we have not 'settled' into winter yet.

It is important to always be prepared this time of year. Starting with a good set of winter tires and an emergency kit in each vehicle, and keeping up with the snow and ice removal at home when it does come. 

Unlike other areas across the province especially in Nothern Alberta,  Strathmore and Wheatland County are experiencing higher than normal temperatures but Hoffman notes there is a cool down coming.