Born and raised Strathmore resident Melissa Matheson is set to release her first single at Origin Brewery on September 30 called 'Life of a farmer'.

The song is inspired by her grandpa and growing up in a farming community. Matheson says that it is such a special way of life and there are so many vivid memories that she has from it.

"I think everyone can listen to it and relate to their own experiences. It was a beautiful journey when I was writing it."

Making music for Matheson has been something that is quite new for her. She explains that she had a guitar for 12 years and she didn't know how to play one chord but then the COVID-19 pandemic happened, so she committed herself to learn how to play the guitar.

"A year after I got COVID myself and I was in my room for 12 days with my guitar and that is where the song writing started. After those 12 days I had three songs written and had started a few more. Then it just started to grow from there."

As for what genre Matheson fits into, she says that she was born and raised on country music and that shines through her writing, but as she explains she is still learning and exploring what kind of artist she is. 

"I've got the sad soft country but I've also written a few that are really upbeat fun ones. So, I'm still kind of trying to find my way and deciding where, but I'd say country is where my heart is at."

Matheson says that it takes a village to chase your dreams at times, especially if you are chasing them after 40 because you have already got so many things that are on the go.

"I'm teaching full time. I've got three young boys, and so it does honestly take a village for it to all come together. Whether it's the support of my husband for helping out with the kids while I can go and do music, or having those people like Mike Smith, Vicky Smith, Erinn Gregory, even Drew Gregory like he's offered his support and his words of wisdom. It honestly takes a whole village to make it make it happen."

Matheson has three boys, aged nine, seven, and six, and with being a mom she explains that it's kind of been her little step back to herself as well. Almost like a commitment to herself.

"I can do this, and I can make time for this, and I honestly think I'm a better parent when I step back because I'm inspired and I'm coming from a whole other place where my heart is full, and I am happy."

Matheson was astonished when she was asked to play at the pre party for Brett Kissel in June. 

"Initially I had reached out to the Strathmore Stampede, and I was thinking like do they have anywhere? Just a small little tent somewhere that I could just try and get some exposure and practice, you know, trying to sing live and then when they called and said, well, we're thinking about a pre party for Brett Kissel, would you be interested in that, and I thought oh my goodness this is amazing."

Matheson also won the emerging artist showcase at the Strathmore Stampede. 

"I won a beautiful ruby red guitar, and it was just so amazing to have all my family and all friends there to show their support." 

The advice that Matheson has for someone who wants to be a performer and who is older and thinks 'Do I even have a shot', she just says jump in. She says that it is terrifying, and you have no idea what is really happening but its best to just jump in.

"I honestly believe the universe takes care of it after that. Once you've actually set your intention, you've sent it out there. All of these amazing things just start happening and as long as you are being authentic and you're following your journey. It's almost like the universe is conspiring to help you get there."

The show will be kicking off at Origan Brewery on September 30 at 7 p.m. and there are no tickets because she just wanted everyone to be able to come down and enjoy her music. 

If you would like to listen to Melissa Matheson, she can be found on her Instagram page and all her music can be streamed on any platform where you get your music. 

Melissa Matherson

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