The Strathmore Wheatland Chamber of Chamber of Commerce (SWCC) is currently looking for a student liaison to be a part of the board. The student liaison can be in grade 11 or 12 and had an opportunity to earn a $1000 university bursary through the Chamber. 

Board Chair of the SWCC, Whitnee Sidloski explains that the student liaison they are looking for should typically have a little bit of skill set behind social media and website skills who is looking to expand on those skills.

"We have people on our board that can really help them learn more about those things. It is really working with the team within the Board and it's a really unique opportunity for an individual and looks really good on a resume."

A successful candidate does have the opportunity to earn $1000 university bursary through the Chamber and as Sidloski says that it something the SWCC is really excited and proud to be able to offer this time around. 

"We are looking for a specific type of person that has a couple of hours a week that can put into it and work alongside some other people on the board of the SWCC board. The plan is to have the student liaison work with the communications team and meet maybe once a week." 

The duties of the student will be on social media, if the website needs to be updated whenever an event is happening. The other part of the job is for the student to come to board meetings. 

"We try to work really hard on working around the schedule that the student liaison has at school, extracurriculars or if they have a job." 

In the past the student liaison has been a student is grade 12 who is just about to graduate but it is not uncommon for a grade 11 student to be interested in the position as well. Sidloski said that a grade 11 student getting this position could be a great advantage for them. 

"They (grade 11 applicant) can be the student liaison for two years if they are interested and they really can learn the role and kind of excel within that. We have had a couple of student liaisons in previous years turn into directors on the board after they've graduated and if they are in grade 11 the bursary can even turn into $2000."    

In the past the SWCC has only given away $500 for the university bursary but upped it to $1000 to make it more enticing for students to want to apply for this opportunity and if a grade 11 is granted the position, Sidloski says that it works out perfect for them to do two years because most of the directors on the board serve a two-year term. So, it really is about getting the experience. 

If you would like to apply to be a student liaison with the Strathmore Wheatland Chamber of Commerce email Send a resume and a little write up of who you are, some of the things that you are involved with and why you would like to be considered for the position. 

The SWCC will be taking application until October 24. 

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