Local Strathmore resident, Kaelym Bissett-Luyendyk is a 15-year-old Jr bull rider who has earned himself a spot on the upcoming Jr. World Finals in Vegas this year. Luyendyk started his bull riding journey in March of this year and has already come pretty far. 

Luyendyk will be partaking in a 5-day rodeo in Las Vegas, on December 6. He has no expectations for what is going to happen, he just hopes that he comes home with a win. 

"I hope to win the world championship, you will win it all. A big buckle, saddle and a whole lot of money. It would be pretty awesome to win all of that. My journey in Jr bull riding has been an incredible adventure filled with dedication, hard work, and dreams."

Luyendyk has also competed in numerous events around Alberta, and he says that each event has contributing to his growth as a new rider and now the Jr. World finals are on his horizon.  

"I'm eager to showcase not only my skills but also the unwavering support of our community and my biggest goal right now is to win the world finals but as an adult I want to win them all PBP, RCA, CFR everything."

The passion that Luyendyk has for bull riding and his commitment of achieving excellence at such a young age is unmatched and he wants to use his platform to inspire other as well.

"My advice would be, just take it one step at a time and don't go too high. Just keep working your way up and get up on what you can get on."

Not only is Luyendyk passionate about bull riding, but he is also very dedicated to doing everything he can to be the best he can be at the sport.

"I want to do everything that I can do. Every practice, ban clinic, everything. I'm willing to do anything I can to win and be the best." 

Luyendyk is looking for potential sponsors who might be interested in joining him on this exciting journey and he says that any support he receives from the community will be met with gratitude and will give him a strong desire to represent the community and country proudly.

"We're kind of asking for sponsors to help pay for the trip, and then even just for next year if they want to keep on sponsoring me plus it will help with new gear and everything that I need to get to go pro." 

To sponsor Kaelym Bissett-Luyendyk on this adventure you can email bissett11@hotmail.ca. 

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