The Government of Alberta and Canada are helping to create up to 22,500 affordable private childcare spaces for families that need it the most. Private childcare operations play a critical role in providing high quality, affordable childcare options that will meet the need of Albertan's and their families. 

Through the Canada-Alberta Canada-wide Early Learning and Childcare Agreement, $28 million is being allocated to support private operators with some of the costs associated with opening new child-care spaces. This expansion supports up to 22,500 new, licensed child-care spaces in high-need and high-demand communities across the province.

 Minister of Children and Family Services Searle Turton explained that high-quality, affordable childcare should be accessible and work for all Alberta families.

"Expanding the Space Creation Grant will help our child-care system grow and thrive, creating thousands of much-needed new spaces for children, as well as opportunities for operators and entrepreneurs."

Early learning and child-care system will be a catalyst for economic growth is something that Federal Minister of Families, Children and Social Development Jenna Sudds strongly believes in. 

"It will increase women’s participation in the workforce and offer each child in Canada the best possible start in life. The additional child-care spaces made possible through the Canada-Alberta Canada-wide Early Learning and Childcare Agreement and the Space Creation Grant will allow more children and families across Alberta to access high-quality, affordable, flexible and inclusive early learning and childcare."

Expanding Alberta’s Space Creation Grant to include private operators reinforces the government’s commitment to ensuring Alberta parents have choices when it comes to selecting the child-care option that works best for their family. It also brings Alberta closer to achieving the goal of an average of $10 per day childcare by 2026.

The Canada-Alberta Canada-wide Early Learning and Childcare Agreement provides an estimated $3.8 billion for childcare over five years. This funding has helped reduce parent fees of zero to kindergarten-aged children by an average of 50 per cent.

Chair Association of Alberta Childcare Entrepreneurs Krystal Churcher said that Alberta’s child-care system is enhanced by offering families choice through the province’s unique mixed delivery model.

"The expansion of the Space Creation Grant, child-care entrepreneurs will be able to help alleviate increasing demand for childcare throughout the province.”

Applications for Space Creation Grant funding are open to new and existing licensed non-profit and private facility-based child-care programs and family day home agencies interested in creating new child-care spaces. Operators will be able to apply through the Alberta Purchasing Connection website. There is no closing date for applications at this time.

President of the Alberta Association of Childcare Operators Cynthia Nerling explained “private operators play a huge role in providing Albertans with world-class childcare."

"We are so pleased they will now have access to funding through the Canada-Alberta Canada-wide Early Learning and Childcare Agreement and Space Creation Grant.”

Eligible recipients may receive up to $1,350 for family day home agencies and up to $6,000 for facility-based programs for each new licensed child-care space created.

Up to 65,000 total child-care spaces are being created through the Canada-Alberta Canada-wide Early Learning and Child Care Agreement. This includes 42,500 non-profit spaces and 22,500 private spaces. Alberta’s government is supporting an additional 3,700 private spaces that were ready to open when the agreement was signed in November 2021, for a total commitment of 68,700 new spaces.

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