The Wheatland Crisis Society (WCS) has been operating in Strathmore for more than 25 years and although the organization does have government support, each year there is fundraising that needs to be done in order to keep the facility running. 

WCS Business Development Specialist Natasha Fyfe explained why there is such a need for fundraising within the WCS.

"We are a government funded organization, however, that base funding has not changed since 2015 but the need has grown substantially and with escalating costs for food, basic needs, and utilities, the government funding is not sufficient at this time to provide for everyone in need." 

The old adage 'it takes a village' is very true for this group as they move forward, and like many, are dealing with rising costs. 

Branch Manager with ConnectFirst Credit Union Shawndra Bodkin wanted to do their part to help where they could.

With Ducks Unlimited art prints that ConnectFirst had in storage, Bodkin thought why not try to raise some money with what they had on hand.

"What we've done is we took ten of the prints that we had on the wall from before we painted and rebranded, and we are auctioning off one a week silent auction minimum donation."

Bodkin exlpained each week a new print will be on display in the credit union for anyone to bid on and the winning bid is contacted the following week.  

She also noted that there will be 4 pieces available for bid at the Harvest Masquerade Ball hosted by the WCS on October 29.

It was a chance meeting that got Bodkin thinking of how they could help.

"I actually met Natasha with WCS at the Stampede and we just started talking. The crisis society is close to my heart so that's kind of how it all just kind of snowballed."

With some pieces starting at $25 there is something for everyone noted Bodkin.

The prints will be auctioned off in the credit union until November 28th.  To get your ticket to this year's WCS gala visit


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