Zach's Food Shack and Zach's Traditions, two food establishments located in Wheatland County, were ordered to close last week after not complying with the Public Health Act and Food Regulations. 

Both businesses were shut down for “operating without a valid and subsisting food handling permit from Alberta Health Services,” states the Alberta Health Services (AHS) website. 

Operating without a food handling permit is a violation of the Public Health Act Section 3(1), which reads: “No person shall operate a food establishment unless the person is an operator who holds a valid and subsisting permit for the operation of the food establishment, and the food establishment is identified on the permit as approved by the regional health authority that issues the permit.” 

Gordon Red Crow, owner of both establishments, is forced to close the businesses until a valid food handling permit issued by Alberta Health Services is obtained. 

Zach's Food Shack and Zach's Traditions will remain closed until all requirements from AHS are satisfied. 

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