Former Chestermere Councillor Christopher Steeves is running to become the next Mayor of the city.

Steeves was first elected to council in 2007 and ran until 2017 when he chose to leave.

I spent ten years on council, I was deputy mayor as well. Out of all the candidates running, whether it be council or for mayor, I am the one with the most experience," says Steeves.

The former councillor has spent many days and nights hitting the streets of Chestermere and door knocking.

"I have been getting lots of support at the doors from the folks of Chestermere."

Steeves told StrathmoreNow that he has a plan for the first 100 days if he is elected to office.

"There's things that I want to achieve in the first 100 days. I'm looking at it as steering the ship. There's a lot of things that have happened in the last few years that need to be fixed and need to be addressed, so we're going to be focusing on that." 

Steeves mentioned that affordability is key to his campaign.

"We can do a certain number of things that can keep taxes low. That's why I want to grow the non-residential tax base. If we take that burden off our homeowners, then they don't have to bear that. We've seen a decrease in interest rates though. So that will help draw down the costs on our mortgages. That will make things more affordable for them."

If elected, Steeves wants to bring back a sense of community to city council.

"When I got on council, we had something called Mocha Monday with the mayor. I want to bring that back. It was an opportunity at that time to meet with the mayor on Monday morning at an establishment in town, maybe a coffee shop or a place that offered breakfast and just ask your questions of the mayor."

Steeves says he is ready for the June 24 by-election.

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