The City of Chestermere has reduced its water consumption by 17 per cent since the City of Calgary suffered a huge water main break last week.

According to city staff, that's an average reduction of around 100 fire trucks full of water.

The city says it's confident it can try to match Strathmore's 21 per cent overall reduction moving forward.

As of now, Stage 4 outdoor water restrictions are still in place for Chestermere and Strathmore as the water main in Calgary continues to be fixed.

The city is asking residents to not do these things outdoors:

– Water lawns, gardens and shrubs through any method.
– Wash down exterior surfaces unless required for health or safety.
– Wash cars on driveways or streets.
– Fill hot tubs, pools, or decorative features.
– Using water for purposes such as grading, compaction or dust control.

There are also voluntary measures you can implement indoors:

- Using your dishwasher and washing machine only when required and with full loads.
– Turning off the tap when brushing teeth or shaving.
– Limiting showers to 5 minutes or less and keeping baths shallow.
– Scraping plates clean rather than rinsing food off.
– Turning off humidifiers and ice machines and delay the washing of vehicles and the filling of hot tubs and swimming pools.