This past weekend Skatemore Girls, Wheatland Youth Network, Prospect Human Services and many other local residents came together to celebrate inclusivity by painting a pride crosswalk.

To show his support for the crosswalk MLA for Calgary Foothills, Court Ellingson was in attendance and he explained that he has been to many pride celebrations over the summer but the ones that stick out to him most are small town celebrations like Strathmore's. 

"Small town is in my blood, and I think a lot of people these days are feeling like they can't be out and open and that they have to hide themselves. We're here to say that we are here for you, we see you, we hear you and we love you." 

Executive Director of the local LGBTQ2S+ skate group, Skatemore Girls and one of the main facilitators of the pride crosswalk, Becca Mcdonald said this crosswalk is to encourage people who struggle with their identify and open the door for conversations.

"This crosswalk is to show solidarity within our community for the LGBTQ2S+ and not only for our community but for other communities and the world."

There was over a dozen people who came out to support the painting of the crosswalk, many of which even held up a paint brush and a roller. It did really hit home for Mcdonald as she watched people paint.

"This is the amount of people that I expected to show up to show their support with us and it is making me far more emotional than I expected. It is so nice to see even kids. I really like that aspect of it." 

Mcdonald left off with a big thank you to all the people that made this possible. "Wheatland Youth Network, Skatemore Girls and Home Hardware for providing the clear coat."

The crosswalk is located at the Municipal Building on the north entrance off of Park Lane Drive.

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